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Siesta Festival


This is the ninth edition of the Siesta Festival, which brings outstanding artists from around the world to Gdansk. Already announced stars include Mayra Andrade (26th Apr, 5 p.m.) Lucibela (27th Apr, 8 p.m.) and Ana Moura (28th Apr, 7 p.m.). Detailed programme to be announced soon.

LOCATION Polish Baltic Philharmonic, Ołowianka Street 1, Gdansk Main Town

GET THERE On foot; cross the Motlawa river from east to west through the footbridge to Ołowianka; alternatively, from the Long Street, walk east through the Green Bridge and Stągiewna Street, and turn north (left) inside Szafarnia Street along the marina

TICKETS Prices vary between events; tickets are available on-line and on site at the Philharmonic; ticket reservations at bilety@filharmonia.gda.pl

The event allready took place!


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