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Gdansk Painters of the 19th and 20th Century


A collection of paintings built up by Andrzej Walas over a period of more than 35 years. The works shown in the exhibition were painted by artists who were born, brought up or educated in Gdansk. They include some very interesting, unknown paintings by such artists as: Herman Both, Michael Carl Gregorovius, Paul Dannowsky, Albert Lipczinsky, Felix Meseck, Gustav Meissner, Bruno Paetsch, Fritz Pfuhle, Alfred Scherres, Wilhelm August Stryowski and Julius Zielke.

From Friday, 22nd of June until Sunday, 15th of July

LOCATION Nadbałtyckie Centrum Kultury (The Baltic Sea Culture Centre), Old Town Hall, Korzenna Street 33/35, Gdansk Old Town

OPEN Monday - Sunday 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.


The event allready took place!


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