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Gdansk Christmas Markets


Beautiful decorations, numerous stalls, moulded wine (and beer, and cider, and żołądkowa...), hot chocolate, spiced teas, a food court with heated seating areas, and the amazing festive atmosphere that one can only experience in Gdansk around Christmas time. The Christmas Market on the Coal Market attracts numerous visitors every year. This time, the market stalls will also extend to the Forum mall's vast courtyard. See all of this year's attractions listed below.

From Saturday, 1st of December 2018 until Sunday, 13th of January 2019

LOCATION Targ Węglowy (Coal Market), Forum courtyard

GET THERE on foot, Main Town center


  • The Gdansk Corousel
  • Wonderful new illuminations and light structures for numerous photo opportunities
  • Lucek, the talking moose
  • An 8 meter high moving Angel's Mill
  • Collectibe mugs made extra for this year's Christmas Market
  • An ice slide, where competitions will be held
  • A Craft Fair inside the Great Arsenal, adjacent to the Coal Market
  • Craft workshops for kids
  • An information point for tourists will operate on the market


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