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Brovarnia Gdańsk


Brovarnia was the first microbrewery in Gdansk and it brought back the city's brewing traditions. In a unique scenery of an 18th century granary the beers are brewed in a natural way. 

LOCATION Szafarnia Street 9, Main Town

OPEN Monday - Sunday 1 p.m. - 11 p.m.

PRICES Beers 9-12 PLN, appetizers 24 - 45 PLN, soups 20 - 23 PLN, mains 31 - 84 PLN, desserts 19 - 23 PLN

Brovarnia Gdańsk about itself

Brovarnia Gdańsk is brewing three kinds of delicious Gdansk beer – Brovarnia Pale Lager Beer, Brovarnia Schwarzbier (dark Beer) and Brovarnia Häfeweizen Beer (wheat beer). For their production we solely use water, high quality malt from barley and wheat, hop and yeast. Our beer kinds are natural and without any preservatives, which makes them exceptional in taste and color.

Brovarnia Pale Lager Beer and Brovarnia Schwarzbier can be also purchased in 1 L bottles and 5 L kegs. On our guests request, we organize beer lectures conducted by our brewer. The lecture is a great addition to an interesting evening in Brovarnia and allows you to find out more about the brewing process, as well as some interesting facts about this great beverage.

Our guideline is the oldest legal standard concerning nurture, that holds true until today. This Bavarian Purity Law has been established on the 23rd of April 1516 in Ingolstadt by Prince Wilhelm IV.




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