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Mindful Tourism / Eco-friendly Gdansk

Take your Gdansk experience to the next level

Eco-friendly in Gdansk

In times when responsible travel has become more important than ever, due to the threat of the acceleration of global warming and the presence of urging social issues virtually everywhere we go, we would like to put an emphasis on this aspect of your travel experience in Gdansk. Many of the guidelines mentioned below apply universally. If you follow them on your travels, great. If you don't, we would love for you to start an eco-friendly approach on the occasion of your Gdansk city trip.


It's impossible not to leave a carbon footprint when you travel, unless you're one of the few heros, who only walk or bike around the globe. However, you can aim to minimalize it. If you have to travel by air, choose a direct flight. If you don't have to travel by air, choose the train. Gdansk can be reached in many ways, even by sea. Figure out which is the most environmentally friendly way to do it.

Even if you arrive in Gdansk by car, it makes sense to let it parked during the time of your visit. The public transport system in Gdansk is convenient and simple to navigate. You can easily get to any point of the Tri-City without the hustle of looking for a parking spot. Not to mention, the Old Town of Gdansk, where the majority of the city’s attractions are located, is very compact and can be conveniently explored on foot.


It's the simple and little things that make the difference. 

Try to minimalize waste by not using the toiletries provided by the hotel. Bring your own and use them instead. Even better, bring your cream, lotion, shampoo and conditioner in reusable containers.

Let housekeeping know that you don't need to have your towels exchanged. Leave a note in your room or tell the staff at the front desk. 

And, last but not least, make an effort to reduce your shower time, turn off all the lights before leaving your room and unplug your chargers, if you're not using them. Those may seem to be no-brainers, but it's always good to be reminded.


Supermarkets are omnipresent and the number of small local grocery shops has significantly declined in recent years. However, the latter can still be spotted. If you have the possibility, chose them over the big chain stores to support the local economy. A fun way to do this is also to drink craft beers from the local breweries.

Bring a reusable shopping bag or canvas tote bag. Most shops in Poland will still pack everything you buy, whether it’s food or a small accessory, in plastic bags. Before you accept the bag, make sure you don’t have another place to put away your purchase. If possible, carry a folded re-usable bag with you. It takes almost no space and may often come in handy.


The city’s services put a great effort into keeping Gdansk’s beautiful sand stripes clean. With thousands of people relaxing on the beaches every day in the summer season, this is a tough task. Please make sure to take care of the waste after your day on the beach. Garbage bins are easy to locate and some spots along the coastline also have separate containers for glass.

Bring a reusable water bottle with you. Plastic bottles take about 1000 years to biodegrade and are, unfortunately, a mojor component of the waste in all tourist destinations. If you didn't bring your own bottle, buy bottled water once and refill the bottle with tap water throughout your stay. Tap water in Gdansk is drinkable!


If you travel with your family, you may at some point visit a park in Gdansk, where you have the possibility to feed the ducks. As fun as it is for your kids, please keep a mindful approach. Bread crumbs are not healthy for the birds. What you can bring instead is cracked corn, wheat, seeds, oats, rice, frozen (defrosted) peas or corn. Also, keep the amounts reasonable. Look out for designated wooden boxes in the parks with free 50g bird food packs.

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