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Taxis in Gdansk

Taxi services in Gdansk are rather inexpensive compared to other European cities and very reliable. However, make sure that a taxi is appropriately marked. In practice that (usually) means the more stickers the better - with the company logo, phone numbers etc. This is important, because some privately owned taxis offer significantly higher prices, which they don't disclose voluntarily for obvious reasons and an unpleasant surprise might await you at your destination. A safety measure would be also to ask the driver for the price per kilometer, before entering the taxi or check the prices on the window sticker.

How much do taxis in Gdansk cost?

For every ride an initial fee applies (6 - 7 PLN). Additionally, you will be charged per kilometer, which shouldn't be more than 2,50 PLN (or 3,50 PLN between 10 p.m. - 6 a.m. and on weekends).

Most taxi companies offer a discount when you order the taxi by telephone. 

If you want to pay with credit card, mention it when placing your order.

Taxi companies in Gdansk:

Dajan Taxi, tel. +48 58 19628

Hallo Taxi, tel. +48 58 19666

Neptun Taxi, tel. +48 58 19686

Super Hallo Taxi, tel. +48 58 19191


If you want to order a taxi in Sopot or Gdynia to drive back to Gdansk, it is better to call one from a local taxi company. A taxi ordered from a Gdansk based company will cost you more.

Taxi companies in Sopot:

Sopot Taxi, tel. +48 58 19196

Sopot Taxi Service, tel. +48 58 19194

Taxi companies in Gdynia:

Hallo Express Taxi, tel. +48 58 19190


At the airport Neptun Taxi is the main taxi service provider.

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