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Gdansk Bus Station

The main bus station in Gdansk is located in proximity of the main train station, to its West. The stations are connected by a tunnel running underneath the train platforms. The bus station’s building has not been modernized yet and looks rather unappealing, but serves its purpose.

Local bus connections from Gdansk:

  • Lines 800, 801 and 810 go to Kartuzy, an important town of the Kashubian Region with a Kashubian Museum. The journey takes 40 minutes. Buses leave approximately every half an hour during the week and every hour on weekends.
  • Line 860 goes to Kościerzyna - another major town of the Kashubian Region. The journey takes 1 hour. Buses approximately once in an hour.
  • Line 870 goes to Sztutowo (Stutthof), enabling you to visit the Stutthof Museum on site of the former German concentration camp (the journey takes 50 minutes), and further to Krynica Morska, a lovely coastal town (1 hour 10 minutes). Buses approximately once in an hour.
  • Tickets can be bought inside the station building or from the bus driver. On Sundays the ticket offices inside the station are closed, on other days they are open from 8.30 a.m. until 5 p.m. (4.30 p.m. on Saturdays).


National and international bus connections from Gdansk:

  • Polski Bus buses leave daily from the Gdansk Bus Station to Warsaw (7 times a day, 4,5 - 5,5 hours), Cracow (5 times a day, 10 hours), Poznań (4 times a day, 5 hours), Berlin (2 times a day, day or night bus, 9 hours), Prague (2 times a day, day or night bus, 13 hours) and many other destinations. Tickets are very affordable and available on-line or inside the bus station building.
  • Flixbus offers daily direct connections to Berlin (2 times a day, 8 hours) and Vienna (2 times a day, 16 hours). Standard ticket prices start at 79 PLN, but it's possible to travel for much less, if you get hold of one of the occasional special offers.


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