Free days in Gdansk museums

Paid admission is required in most of Gdansk’s museums. While the prices are reasonable, you may still want to know if there’s a possibility to visit them for free. Especially, if you travel on a budget. Good news - it is possible. Many museums in Gdansk offer free entry on specific days of the week. To help you plan we’ve listed them in this article.

Free Museums in Gdansk on Mondays and Tuesdays

On Monday (May-September) or Tuesday (October - April), the Main Town Hall, seat of the Gdansk Museum, is an institution you can visit it for free. The same applies to the Polish Post Office Museum, Uphagen’s House and the Amber Museum, all also opening it’s doors for the thrifty traveller.

The Museum of the Second World War is currently the most expensive one in Gdansk, but you can save the 23 PLN by visiting the permanent exhibition and the Children’s exhibition ‘Time Travel’ on a Tuesday. It's very popular, so try to be there early.


Free days in Gdansk museums

Realistic exhibitions at the Museum of the Second World War

Free Museums in Gdansk on Wednesdays

In the National Maritime Museum a free visit is possible every Wednesday. This applies to the main branch of the museum set inside the granaries on Ołowianka Island (permanent exhibition), the “Boats of the people of the world” exhibition in the Maritime Culture Center and for the Crane (Żuraw). 


Free Museums in Gdansk on Fridays

While Thursday is a time of the week when none of the institutions offer free entry, Friday already brings new opportunities. No charges apply in the National Museum in Gdansk (permanent exhibition), as well as in the museum’s branches like the Abbot Palace (Museum of Modern Art) and the Ethnography Museum in Oliwa district. The latter are both set picturesquely inside the Oliwa Park, so your excursion can be combined with a visit to the lovely urban garden and the adjacent Oliwa Cathedral - also free!
Free days in Gdansk museums

Permanent exhibition at the Abbot's Palace - Museum of Modern Art



Free days in Gdansk museums