Christmas Markets 2018 in Gdansk

The main Christmas Market in Gdansk and the festive Arts & Crafts market will take place on the Main Town's Coal Market (Targ Węglowy) again this year – from the 1st until the 23rd of December. The Food Court zone, however, will operate until the 13th of January 2019, so that you can enjoy the holiday atmosphere with a mug of moulded wine a bit longer. If you plan to visit Gdansk around Christmas time, you can start feeling excited – it's going to be awesome!

One of the most beautiful and magical in Poland, the Christmas Market in Gdansk will open on the first day of December. Once you'll enter it through any of the four gates, you'll immerse in a Christmas fairy-tale. The market's area will be divided into three lanes named Angel's Lane (Anielska), Chocolate Lane (Czekoladowa) and Cinnamon Lane (Cynamonowa).

In the heart of the market, the 8 meter high wooden Angel's Mill - with figures of the Three Kings, the Holy Family, angels and saints – will tower above everything else. Wonderful light decorations, for example the reindeer-driven Magic Carriage, will provide many lovely photo opportunities.

An attractive addition to the market's scenery in 2018 will be the Gdansk Carousel, which can amuse 78 people at once. The stunning two-level carousel, adorned with Gdansk-related motifs, was introduced on the Fish Market (Targ Rybny) during this year's St Dominic's Fair in July. For the Christmas holiday season, it will be transferred to the Coal Market.

The Gdansk Carousel was standing at the Fish Market in Gdansk. For the holiday season it will be moved to the Coal Market.

Beautiful light decorations will occur throughout Gdansk during the Christmas Market period.


Polish specialties and festive drinks at the Christmas Market 2018 in Gdansk

The Food Court set in the centre of the market will boast traditional Polish specialties (pierogi, borsch, żurek soup, pastries with cabbage and mushrooms, poppy seed cakes and many other), as well as some internationally inspired tasty snacks – Spanish churros, Hungarian langos' (deep fried flat bread with sour cream and grated cheese) or Alsatian flammkuchen (topped flatbreads). All together you will be able to choose from 40 food stalls. The spiced teas, hot chocolates and moulded wines will be served in collectible ceramic or disposable mugs created extra for this year's Christmas Market. The ceramic mugs will be available as souvenirs for 15 PLN for one or 25 PLN for two mugs. In order for you to enjoy the food and drinks in warmth, there will be seating areas equipped with heaters.


The Gdansk Christmas Market 2018 will be bigger than in the previous years

For the first time, the stalls selling christmas decorations, crafts, gift items and food products, won't be located only on the Coal Market. The Forum Gdansk shopping mall, which opened this year, also added a new urban space to the Main Town area – a vast, multi-purpose courtyard. This new square, on the opposite side of the street, will also fill with Christmas market stalls and decorative installations. Additionally, just like last year, an arts and crafts fair (with many eco and slow fashion items on sale) will be taking place inside the Great Arsenal, adjacent to the Coal Market. Together, those three locations will boast more than 100 stalls full of Christmas gift inspirations.


Attractions for kids at the Christmas Market 2018 in Gdansk

The Great Arsenal building will also host artistic workshops for children, every Saturday and Sunday between 12 p.m. and 5 p.m.. Apart from crafting Santas and Christmas decorations, kids will also enjoy the 4 meter high sledging slope with three 35 meter long lanes, installed at the Christmas Market. The necessary equipment (sledges, helmets, pads) will be available on site. The price for 3 slides will be 10 PLN.
Talking moose Lucek will speak and joke only in Polish, but his friendly appearance will surely put a smile on the faces of the younger and older non-Polish speakers alike.
On weekdays, the Christmas Market will be visited by parades of elfs (first week), the Snow Queen (second week) and carolers (third week).

Moose Lucek will often speak outduring the Gdansk Christmas Market.


Supporting the Hospice Foundation during the Christmas Market 2018 in Gdansk

Between shopping and enjoying the Food Court's offer, you will also have the possibility to support the Hospice Foundation (Fundacja Hospicyjna) at the Gdansk Christmas Market by donating into the cash box, visiting the foundation's stand inside the Great Arsenal, or by buying a round on the Gdansk Carousel.


Christmas Market 2018 in Gdansk - opening hours:

Arts and Crafts Stalls – daily from 11 a.m. until 8 p.m.
Food Court – Thursday – Saturday from 1 p.m. until 10 p.m., Sunday – Wednesday from 1 p.m. until 8 p.m.




Christmas Markets 2018 in Gdansk