10 not-so-obvious reasons to visit Gdansk off-season (that will convince you to book a flight now!)

Is it worth to visit Gdansk during the off-season? Should you really plan your trip for this Autumn or Winter, instead of waiting until Spring again? Is it exciting enough in Gdansk when the crowds are gone? Yes, yes and yes!

In fact, more and more city trippers are intentionally choosing to visit the Tri-City during the so-called low season, because they start to become aware of the many benefits that this period of the year is offering. Even the lower temperatures and misty aura can be an advantage in some ways. Without further ado, let us take you through all the fantastic reasons to plan your visit to Gdansk in Autumn or in Winter.

1. Reasons to visit Gdansk off-season - Autumnal colours and white Winter magic

Gdansk never really gets dull and grey, even in bad weather. There are just too many colours – on the facades of the Main Town's tenement houses, on your plate during lunch or inside stunning churches and modern museums. Even on the windiest and rainiest days, you will find it breathtaking. And once snow covers the picturesque cobbled streets, it becomes a fairytale dream.

10 not-so-obvious reasons to visit Gdansk off-season Winter Magic

Fairytale-like Gdansk in Winter

2. Reasons to visit Gdansk off-season - Great art gets uncovered

Who would have thought that trees loosing their leaves can be a thing to look forward to. It is, in Gdansk's Zaspa district, where the amazing murals finally become visible as a whole when there are no more green obstacles in front of them. Therefore, late Autumn and Winter are the best times to fully admire all 60 artworks of the worlwide unique Monumental Art gallery.

Reasons to visit Gdansk off-season

Once the leaves drop, the complete artwork will become visible.

3. Reasons to visit Gdansk off-season - Empty beaches all for yourself

While a combination of weekend day and excellent weather may attract moderate crowds of strollers, the beaches in Gdansk remain rather empty at other times during the Winter season. The proximity of the Baltic Sea is the Tri-City's huge advantage, so wouldn't it be great to absorb nature's beauty all by yourself?

Reasons to visit Gdansk off season

The beaches of Sobieszewska Island in Winter offer blissful solitude.

4. Reasons to visit Gdansk off-season - Hotel prices drop significantly

Unlike Paris, Rome or London, where the accommodation prices remain on a similar level throughout the year, seasonality is still an important determining factor for hotel prices in Gdansk. It is very possible to book a high standard hotel room for as low as 50 EUR (45 GBP, 60 USD) between November and March, while those prices double, or even triple during the Summer. Naturally, it's also cheaper in this period to travel (fly) to Gdansk from virtually any place in Europe. So, why don't you book your stay now?

5. Reasons to visit Gdansk off-season - You can do (almost) all the same stuff as you would in the Summer

Really. Sightseeing is more comfortable without the crowds. The food tastes a-ma-zing no matter the weather. In fact, we believe you will enjoy the hearty Polish traditional cuisine even more with colder temperatures outside. And, you can always use the 'bar weather' (Polish term, which needs no explanation) excuse to savour one of Gdansk's craft beers a bit earlier in the day. You can even... bath in the Baltic Sea, if you join the local Winter swimming enthusiasts. They meet on Winter weekends on the beaches of Brzeźno and Jelitkowo.

Reasons to visit Gdansk off season

The possibility to admire art in a museum with no one blocking your view is priceless.

6. Reasons to visit Gdansk off-season - An insanely beautiful Christmas time in December

It starts on the first weekend of December and continues to mesmerize locals and visitors alike until Christmas Day. Colourful lights, decorations and a Christmas market in a fairytale-like setting. Drink mulled wine with Christmas music in the background and soak in the warm holiday atmosphere.

Reasons to visit Gdansk off season

Christmas time in Gdansk is simply stunning.

7. Reasons to visit Gdansk off-season - The crowds are gone!

You no longer have to stand in long museum queues, wait until a table becomes available or box your way through all the other tourists on Gdansk's streets. With minimal people around sightseing becomes more enjoyable. Plus, the possibility of someone spoiling your photo by getting in the frame drastically drops too. Think of all the opportunities to capture the next #instagood pic.

Reasons to visit Gdansk off season 

Mariacka Street in Gdansk

8. Reasons to visit Gdansk off-season - Combine your city trip with a ski adventure

It is possible to go skiing in the north of Poland, no joke. Wieżyca, a Kashubian hill only 45 km outside of Gdansk, offers just that in Winter. It should satisfy all those, who aren't necessarily alpine pro skiers. There are 8 ski lifts and 1,1 km of slopes available. Equipment can be rented on site. Whilst it's (allegedly) low season in Gdansk, Wieżyca is definitely experiencing the opposite.

Reasons to visit Gdansk off season


9. Reasons to visit Gdansk off-season - A long period of Winter Sales

If shopping is your thing, there's no better time to visit Gdansk than between December and February. The Winter Sale seems to cover a longer period every year. In some stores you can hunt down great bargains already a few weeks before Christmas, and subsequent price reductions continue at least until the beginning of March. 

10. Reasons to visit Gdansk off-season - There's!

That means, you now have one place on the Internet, where you can find all the information about Gdansk you could possibly need. That also means, your city trip to Gdansk is now easy to plan in a way that will make it exciting and fun, no matter what time of the year you decide to come.


10 not-so-obvious reasons to visit Gdansk off-season (that will convince you to book a flight now!)


10 not-so-obvious reasons to visit Gdansk off-season (that will convince you to book a flight now!)