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Restaurant Hotel Gdańsk & Brovarnia

Located in an revitalized granary from the 18th century, the restaurant on the building's first floor serves mainly traditional Polish and Gdansk dishes in an elegant environment. The vibe in relaxed Brovarnia on the ground floor, however, revolves around beer. The latter is produced on-site in a 100% natural way. 300 year old wooden beams of the granary structure create a unique atmosphere in both parts of the venue.

LOCATION Szafarnia Street 9, Main Town

OPEN Monday - Sunday 2 p.m. - 11 p.m. (downstairs Brovarnia opens at 1 p.m.)

PRICES Appetizers 24 - 45 PLN, soups 20 - 23 PLN, mains 31 - 84 PLN, desserts 19 - 23 PLN

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